The Japanese Culture Days Festival (1994-2012)

The history of The JCD starts in 1994, when the Japanese language instructor Hideki Sato, alongside with Prof. Roman Ingarden, established the ICD society. In 1994 the society affiliated Prof. Christopher Stefanski, Wladislaw Kozierkiewicz, Wojciech Kalinowski and Zbigniew Urbalewicz (from the International Society of Open Relations and Informational Dynamics, Department of Physics, Practical Language Training College, Physical and Sports Education College of the University and UKS ?Ippon?).

Before he left Poland, Hideki Sato handed the responsibility for organizing the festival to Wojciech Kalinowski. During the first few years JCD were strictly connected with UMK and the majority of the scheduled events was handled inside the University: mainly by PLTC, PSEC, the Department of Physics and the Studio of Japanese Culture and Language.

Year by year, even more cultural institutions in the city played host to the JCD, i.e.: the District Museum of Torun, Folk Museum, the Copernicus Library, the Court of Arthus and the Teenage Culture Agency, or-the non-existing ?Our Cinema? of Christopher Kucharski. The above sites housed numerous lectures, training courses, displays, screenings and exhibitions.

Among the invited lecturers by Wojciech Kalinowski and Prof. Christopher Stefanski were, among others, Prof. Jolanta Tubielewicz, Prof. Alfred Majewicz, prof. Sławomir Kalembka, F. Hieronim Kreiss, and the Ambassador Henryk Lipszyc.

JCD also includes much popular competitions offering attractive prizes, such as the knowledge contest of Japan (16 editions followed) and the arts competition for children (9 editions followed), both organized by Wojciech Kalinowski. The ones that gained even more popularity were the tournaments of martial arts displays.

Within the framework of JCD, one also organized the Academic Judo Tournaments (PSEC of the University), Karate WKF Tournaments (TKK-do ?Ronin? Shotokan) and the Open Judo Tournament of Torun for Children and Juniors (TKSJ).

The Physical and Sports Educational College of the University was connected with the JCD from the very beginning, since Hideki Sato used to train judo in its university section, winning the bronze medal of Polish University Championship held in 1994.

The Budo Festivals had their additional value due to promiment guests from Japan: Toschimichi Takuchi (ken-jutsu), Masakatsu Yoshida (keyudo), Fujio Nakamura (aikido), Kenichi Nakao and Iwao Hanaki (kendo), Takeo Saito (judo) and, above all, Teruo Myiazaki (karate-do). The displays of martial arts were conducted by the representatives of all Torunian sports clubs, together with invited guests from Bydgoszcz and Brodnica.

The selected items from the festival?s agenda, such as: origami, reading out Japanese tales, karate and judo shows, were especially devoted to the young patients from the District Children?s Hospital of Torun.

In 2012 they held the last JCD of Torun, dedicated to the deceased Prof. Roman Ingarden. Every edition of the JCD in Torun were embraced by the honorable sponsorship of the Japanese Embassy in Poland.

(the JCD festival organizer ? Wojciech Kalinowski)